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The two separate fights continue for a few moments before an adult can be seen trying to break up at least one of the grappling sessions.

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Since then, however, there has been a vague ghoulishness surrounding the show, including big viewer tune-in for the remaining Ritter episodes and ABC News’ synergistic efforts such as Diane Sawyer’s interview with the actor’s widow, Amy Yasbeck.

Predictably, if morbidly, Tuesday’s one-hour return episode drew a vast audience, bolstering ABC’s sweeps bottom line.

When rules are clear, they help: It’s important to involve all members of the family as much as possible when developing family rules.

Children as young as three can help you make the rules and talk about why your family needs them.

After some playful banter among the kids reminding us what the series had been about, Cate (Katey Sagal) receives a phone call, learning that her husband Paul has collapsed at the grocery store.

Soon, Cate’s “bitterly divorced” parents, played by Garner and Suzanne Pleshette, arrive to provide moral support.They help family members achieve a balance between getting what they want and respecting the needs of others.They can also help children and teenagers feel safe and secure.To my great regret this isn’t possible anymore.'Ilham will always be the mother of my daughter and a person that I have a lot of love and respect for. Now my priority is to do everything to protect Alexia during these challenging times.Household rules let everyone in the family know how to behave.And now, one suspects, the show will pretty quickly fade.