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She fared well considering the fact that she's so beautiful and that she could literally flirt her way to whatever she wanted with her boss.

Eight o’clock on a balmy August night and five men are gathered around a table on an office rooftop terrace in London talking about girls.

The men are producers on Babestation, and so they’re not just shooting the breeze here. Broadcast live from the studios below, Babestation is the UK’s best-known TV sex line, the premium-rate phone-in show where models in various states of undress invite late-night viewers to call in or text them. Occasionally, they actually get a girl calling in, and this is always good for business. ” flashes up on screen and viewers are encouraged to eavesdrop on the conversation, at the rate of £1.50 per minute. Though the girls go topless, mime masturbation and generally jiggle about for all they’re worth, Ofcom rules state they must always wear a thong.

By 9pm, the night-shift girls are ready on what passes for their “stage”, a firm mattress upon which they perch in bra and knickers, smiling with teeth and tongue.

Each is armed with a cordless telephone that they jiggle as deftly as they do their buttocks to a tinny soundtrack of constant dance music.

Anyone after a pants-off shot of a particular girl is invited to text a number, and a more revealing photo will be sent to their phone by SMS. Last night, Babestation sent more than 2,000 of these photos.

“It’s that intimate connection,” one of the producers tells me.The quote came out as part of an interview with the Bergen Record, in part regarding President Trump's evidence-free Twitter accusations that President Obama wiretapped the Trump campaign. Conway has since come out to say that her remarks refer to the high-tech world of surveillance in general and not any specific accusations.There was an article that week that talked about how you can surveil people through their phones, through their — certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways. And yeah, the bit about the spy microwave is silly.The PC will be able to judge how you would fit in with their station and format if you follow in their style.Most jobs that will be available will start at a lowly position such as overnights so don't style a demo as a breakfast show as you're running before you can even walk.Is that Panasonic eavesdropping on you while it pops the popcorn?