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The cast members who attended the reunion were Ty, Emily, Johnny, Camila, Dunbar, Paula, CT, Diem, Rachel, Aneesa, Robin, and Mark.During this season of The Challenge, former Real World D. cast mates Emily Schromm and Ty Ruff were partnered together.I understand there are those who don’t understand the appeal of this show.

It was the year 2007, MTV had decided to do a 3 week min-series reunion of the Real World Las Vegas, one of the greatest seasons ever in Real World history.We are here today to discuss what season of the Real World deserves to be brought back, and given a similar reunion. She didn’t win fame and fortune, but she did win a boyfriend.“It was an intense situation, but obviously I’m still with him, so it worked out,” says Marter while sitting on the steps of Woodrow Wilson Hall at Monmouth University one recent afternoon.They constantly bickered, but they're still together.

It was love at first sight for these two, but things changed out of the house when Brendan sent pics of his nether regions to another chick. They make up the bulk of the action that comes from these programs, on a typical basis.Some of the relationships are just plain toxic, making us question why they even tried in the first place.Dustin Zito, outfitted in a gray sweatshirt, basketball shorts, and a backwards baseball cap, waltzes from the kitchen to a bathroom.As he waits for his girlfriend, Heather Marter, a petite and a pretty blonde who’s blow-drying her hair in her bathroom. I’m really sorry.” “I don’t really want to know anything else,” says Marter.The Grantland Reality Fantasy League column covers a huge swath of the intellectually barren reality TV landscape, but there has always been one format, one group of alcopsychoholics, one host, one show that stood head, shoulders, and genitalia above all the others in the hearts and minds of us at GRTFL Headquarters …