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[ I'm not sure I'm going to keep this Troy TRX hand guard. If I can find a decent quad rail that fits I may be offering this up for sale.[/QUOTE] Looks nice!! I replaced the YHM gas block with a VLTOR clamp-on gas block. throw me a PM or email if you decide to part with it!! Is this the correct barrel nut to use with the low profile rail?

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If you would like to get involved, please contact Friends of the Trail at: Friend Of The [email protected] 2017 NEW GARDEN TRAILS MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE The Friends of the New Garden Trails have scheduled the second Saturday of each month, May through October, for maintenance and upkeep of the New Garden Trails. Anyone interested in volunteering some time to help is invited to join us on these dates: • May 13, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 5/14, 1PM) • June 10, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 6/11, 1PM) • July 8, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 7/09, 1 PM) • August 12, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 8/13, 1 PM) • September 9, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 9/10, 1 PM) • October 14, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 11/15, 1 PM) Meet at the Laurel Woods Trail parking lot at 9 AM to organize work for the day. next to Penn Green Rd.) Any called rain date will be posted on our website: Friendsofthe New Garden A reminder notice about the upcoming trail maintenance day will be sent each month. It can be done with slight adjustments to the 463 map and changing most of its rulers and generals to the correct time. Around 455 they were subjugated by the Visigoths Many of their units could be from the Germaic Foederati. Odavacer was a military coup and the Ostrogoths were separate. So if julius Nepos has Salona (WRE) what faction do we uses for Odavacer? Odavacer was a military coup and the Ostrogoths were separate. So if julius Nepos has Salona (WRE) what faction do we uses for Odavacer? They are Spanish 8 reales coins minted in the New World between 17 at such mints as Mexico City, Guatemala, Santa Fe de Bogot, Popayn, Lima, Potos, and Santiago.

The distinctive design features on the obverse two pillars, each with a crown and wrapped with a banner bearing the words PLUS VLTR.

Between the two pillars are two worlds sitting on an ocean of water.

The reverse features a heraldic shield capped with a crown.

Foederati under Odoacer had rebelled and took over the Western Roman Empire so it was just before the Ostrogoths. It could be added as a third to the already two times frames- 434AD and 463AD. I could without going too crazy change some of the 2d art symbols.

Huns, Gepids, Goths Also give them a few units that have special characteristics. Then I could add in the correct rulers and generals.

I've put together this site map so those who are unfamiliar with the little nooks and crannies of this site can find where things are, and keep track of updates and added info. MM (4/29/13) Mercop Mercharness (3/4/06) Trident Knives TCFM 02 (9/13/05) Warrior Spirit (6/11/05) Various blades (2/2/05) Strider MT Mod 10 Phrobis M9 SAS aircrew knife Strider-Buck Tarani folder (4/12/04) Blades page 2 Lone Wolf Knives D/A Automatics (8/1/10) Benchmade Mini-Rukus (3/6/09) Strider DB-GG (4/10/07) SAR Knives SARclops EDC (12/9/07) County Comm pry bars, Swiss knife (12/13/06) County Comm Pocket Widgy bars, Collector's Bag (6/17/07) Blades page 3 888 Professional Knives (12/8/10) Bawidamann Blades PUP (12/15/10) Blank PUPs (update 7/20/12) Modular PUPs (12/18/13) Blades page 4 Manufacturer Profile: Steel Flame (8/20/12) Off The Grid Concepts Sheaths (11/6/13) Gun Care/Shooting Accessories page 1 EMDOM USA/MM Ammo SAC (6/25/08) EMDOM USA/MM Kit Mat (3/3/07) Maglula magazine loaders (8/29/08) AR Multitasker tool (6/10/09) AR Multitasker II tool (5/6/11) AR Multitasker 3 tool (8/5/13) EMDOM-MM Multitasker tool pouch (5/10/14) Multitasker Ultralight and Tube tools (12/30/10) Cross Tac AR15 Armorer block (11/4/07) Cross Tac Pro Armorer's Mat (8/19/11) Ergo Rear Squeeze Bag (10/19/07) C.