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Nick Jonas is an American actor, songwriter and singer best known as the lead singer for the now disbanded Jonas Brothers band that included his two brothers Joe and Kevin.

The most notable of Nick’s girlfriend’s is Olivia Culpo, whom he dated for two years breaking up sometime in 2015.Olivia Culpo is Miss Universe 2012, the duo met at Miss USA 2013 competition and began dating soon after.We can empathise with Delta for falling for him all those years ago as he was definitely a cutie, and we could all appreciate the dude’s youthful charm. That time in 2012 when Nick Jonas (18) dated Delta Goodrem (26), they even went to Bali together. They broke up when he was 19 lmfao Ia Ez — the only nz mahomie (@winesandlines) March 25, 2017 But things have changed (like Jonas’ rig) and the time is now. We have all been wondering for a while whether Delta Goodrem will ever get a permanent boyfriend.

Well, she has a few short-term boyfriends in the past, and now one has come back to her, and for all we know it could be the greatest thing.According to sources, Culpo was the inspiration behind Nicks hit song Jealous.Nick has confessed that the difficult break-up with Culpo has served as an inspiration for a number of his new tracks including Chainsaw.It’s much easier to get on board when Nick Jonas’ age doesn’t end in ‘teen’ hey.Who could forget back in 2011 when the two surprised us all with their sudden couple status.The 18-year-old singer and his 26-year-old singer girlfriend spent the day lying by the pool.