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Log out of the game and the Launch Pad, then reopen the Launch Pad and log in again.If the error occurs repeatedly, a full uninstall and reinstall of the game may be required.

Make sure you have enable Active X controls in your internet explorer that are required to run the Launcher properly to start the game.

Make sure you have Flash Installed if not, install it from here.

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DC Universe Online Troubleshooting Guide 1# Launch Pad Crashes – Troubleshooting Guide If you are facing issues running the game from the launcher or the game crashes when you run the game via Launch Pad. Add DCUO and DCUO Launch Pad to your firewall exceptions list.

Make sure your antivirus is not blocking the executable.Other players only manage to play the game for a short time, and only then DC Universe Online crashes.Here is a possible sollution for ATI graphic card owners:“ATI graphics card users who have the latest drivers installed could try to install an older version of their current driver, particularly the Catalyst 10.9.Log Statistics - total Raw Packets Processed=lld, total Aggregate Packets Created=lld, total Aggregate Packets Compressed=lld, total Raw Bytes Processed=lld, total Compressed Bytes=lld, compress Ratio=, compression Speed=BInitialize - client Unique Id=s, client Session Id=llu, compression Level=Connect To Server - address=On Disconnect - Disconnected.client_timestampsystem_memory_available_mbsystem_memory_total_mbdisk_space_available_mbdisk_space_total_mbos_versionclient_hostnameclient_addressprocess_nameclient_launcher_versionclient_session_idclient_guidclient_session Session - client Guid=s, session Id=llu, launcher Version=s, game Code=s, client Address=s, client Hostname=s, process Name=s, os Name=s, os Version=s, disk Space Total=lld, disk Space Available=lld, system Memory Total=lld, system Memory Available=web_session_idclient_web_session Log Web Session - client Guid=llu, web Session Id=s, timestamp=Recovery Screen View Loading Screen View Main Screen View Set Self Update Url - url=Set Self Update Url - web Session Id=gamelaunchers, window Title=s, icon Filepath=Enable Profiler - enabled: Patch Game Assets - Will update game assets. Patching: Address= Patching: Enable Self Patching=0 Logging: Delete Logs Directory On Startup=0Run - Restarting in a new process, filepath=Run - ending the run. Web Web Request External Game Launcher Legacy Javascript External Command Game Launcher Game Launcher Game Launcher Game Game Launcher Override Settings command Line=Config Values: Auto Game Patching Period In Seconds Enable Auto Game Patching Enable Self Patching Patch File List Game Launcher Patch Asset Parent Directory Infinite Loop Monitor Timeout Seconds Enable Local Dump./Launch Pad.libs/wws_crashreport_Crash Reporter User Agent Override Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT Client Session Member Name Client Session Object Name Locale Override Custom Status Pages Scrollbar Css Filename Enable Plugins Enable Javascript Cache Size Bytes Enable Cookies And Cache Locales Folder Name Plugin Directory Browser Binary Directory./Launch Cookie And Cache Directory./Launch Pad.libs/Launch Pad. On Patch File - Failed to patch one or more assets.You may also want to check your firewall settings: You can find some suggestions here.