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If you'll be using the mark in your state only, you can register the mark with the trademark office of your state; if you'll be using the mark across state lines, register it with the U. Patent It Yourself gives the basics on applying for a patent. Now for the bad news: Your slogan probably isn't being used as a brand name but is probably just a clever slogan you're using to make a political or other statement, such as "Make Love, Not War." Unfortunately in this case, there's no way to monopolize it, since slogans and phrases not used as brand names aren't trademarks and can't be copyrighted.There's no other way to create a monopoly on a slogan.

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You should indicate that it's a trademark by putting a "TM" superscript after the mark: Ajax Shirts Fit Your Bod T.However, it's far better to actually register your mark, since you'll have much easier sledding in court if you sue based on a registered mark rather than a common-law mark. While you have to actually be using the mark to register it with a state trademark office, you can apply to register it federally based on your intent to use it.Want to learn how to write great real estate slogans and taglines?It’s not as hard as you might think…In fact, I’ll bet you your next commission check that I can summarize the corporate strategy of a 0 billion company in two words. You don’t become the industry leader in real estate technology with a sub-par tagline.For example, a T-shirt with the slogan "Ajax Shirts Fit Your Bod" would be an example of a brand-name slogan.

While this usage is rare and unlikely, if it does exist, your slogan is a trademark, or a symbol that's being used to show the brand of T-shirt you're wearing.If you're the first to use any word, group of words or other symbol as a brand name, it becomes a trademark and you acquire common-law rights in the mark.For example, your usage gives you the right to sue infringers without ever registering the mark with any government agency. There are several possibilities here depending upon how you plan to use the slogan.You'll have the best chances of "protecting" the slogan or, more correctly, creating a monopoly or offensive rights on it if it's used as a brand name.Like Elliman, Zillow uses theirs to acknowledge your journey and highlight their main value-add for buyers, sellers, and agents.