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If they’re really keen you’re aware you’re their gender of choice – and/or that you display any other physical characteristics they really like – you might be in there.

If the person in question frequently compliments you, on your physicality or your mind, it’s generally a good sign.

Most people don't really want to marry a total stranger (much less have sex with them), and if that total stranger turns out to be a complete rogue and a cad, it may be necessary for the heroes to spring into action and rescue the hapless member of their group who is being forced to walk down the aisle.

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But having her thrust back into his life upsets him, and he can't decide whether to try to win her back or pretend she doesn't exist.

In long, frequent flashbacks, Brooks' screenplay shows the pair four years ago, at various stages in a very comfortable-looking relationship.

I’ve noticed that despite the increasing prevalence of people forming friendships and romantic relationships online (particularly in the nerd/geek community), the topic of ‘reading signals’ from online behaviour is rarely addressed.

As a general rule, the biggest difference between “friend” signals and signaling romantic or sexual interest is, well, sex.

For example, while we may let friends into our personal space, we tend to move closer – or allow others to come closer – to us than we would friends and acquaintances; this is known as “intimate” space and it’s usually reserved for very close friends, family members and lovers.

Generally, the more interested someone is in you physically, the more likely they are to move touch up the intimacy ladder.

For most of human history, arranged marriages were the norm because "marriage" was less about the union of two souls and more about the union of two .

The rise of the "Marry for Love" ideal didn't really start in Western culture until the 16th century, and there are places on Earth where it still hasn't.

Shear is one of the most convincing Regular Guy boyfriends in recent movie history: Where other supposed Everymen might project an irresistible self-deprecating charm (flattering schlubby viewers who imagine they possess the same), Shear is just a real, vulnerable guy.

He's well matched with Mamet's Diana, who similarly does not seem ripped from the rom-com playbook.

An Arranged Marriage is, quite simply, the idea that someone is going to choose your spouse for you.