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These women believe that co-ordinating everything, from business meetings and executive decisions to dates and even diets, with the phases of the moon can help them cope with the stresses of modern life — in much the same way some people believe astrology can.

There are thousands of websites that claim to help people plan their day according to the particular point of the lunar cycle, as well as internet forums where women can share success stories of so-called ‘lunar living’.

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"I thought I was the only woman in the world who was my age and was just obsessed with books," she said. Hansen is just one of the thousands of women around the world who have gotten caught up in the vampire frenzy.

While they resemble the youthful, squealing "Twilight" fans on occasion -- Kellan Lutz, who plays vampire Emmett Cullen in the films, admitted some of the mail he gets from older fans makes him blush -- they're still not the typical fan girls.

[Emmett shakes his head no, holds his hands up and backs off] Emmett Cullen: [Emmett looked to Edward and Bella, smirking] Wow, done already?

Bella Cullen: [Bella glanced to Jacob to ask] Where's Renesmee? [Sees Rosalie with Renesmee and smiles] Bella Cullen: [Jacob is acting overprotective of Renesmee] What's your problem?

I think 18 is all youngster, don't worry about that.

You know, anabolic steroids are really bad for you. You know, wouldn't seem so drastic if we hung out more. After devouring it, she couldn't get the images of doomed love between a vegetarian vampire, Edward, and an awkward teenage girl, Bella, off her mind.Hansen thought about the books so much she seriously wondered if she was experiencing some sort of midlife crisis.(CNN) -- They don't call it "Twi Crack" for nothing.Lisa Hansen, for example, thought she had lost her mind the first time she read "Twilight." Partly because she's 36.For starters, being so in love with "Twilight" when you're "of a certain age" can come with a healthy dose of shame.