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It’s just how people meet and have relationships.” “We actually almost called it The Brunch Files, which I have written down,” Levine said.

“But I’m glad we called it The Margarita Confessionals because all our events and everything, now we’re drinking margaritas and I prefer that over like eggs benedict.” The Good News Is — presented by The Charlotte Observer and powered by Ortho Carolina — is a weekly podcast with a similar mission to what we do here at C5: To get you Charlotte Smart, fast with fun, interesting and useful news about the city.

After an enjoyable evening, William asked me to dinner the next evening.

He planned a beautiful evening with dinner, a bouquet of white roses, (my favorite flowers) and an unforgettable first kiss.

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Some of what we learned: “Charlotte’s a really small town. you’re not going to get away from that person, you’re probably going to run into them at Sycamore.” – “I have a hard-and-fast drinks only on the first date rule,” Washburn said. I want to be able to like jet if I’m not feeling it.” – “You shouldn’t let someone pick you up on the first date,” Levine said. Meet them there.” Crosland is going to two Tinder weddings this year. “And now she’s like ‘Oh, did you meet him on Tinder?

“I think that when Tinder first came out it was just like a hookup app and everybody was super judgy about Tinder,” Washburn said. ’ Even she knows that it’s not just a scary hookup thing anymore.

Thank you again for helping me make a special memory with the lock and key memento you sent to me. It's the interactive and FUN way to socialize, make new friends, meet your match...just to have a great time! Grab a cocktail and get ready to Unlock Your Possibilities.