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All the more reason to say yes to dinner with a college professor — assuming you’re not his student. Professors are well-educated, often with multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Here are 15 reasons to date a college professor: 1. Professors are smart, avid readers, and nerdy about the subjects they’re passionate about. Sure, they’re smart, but professors don’t pretend to know everything. Related to #7, they can count on that good living to continue. They understand the value of a good education — and hope to provide that for their students.

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e Harmony's matching is based on using its 29 DIMENSIONS® model to match couples based on features of compatibility found in thousands of successful relationships.e Harmony is committed to helping singles find love every day and we are confident in our ability to do so.I want her to take with her a bit of fatherly wisdom to guide her and help her to avoid some of the perils and pitfalls that could derail her dreams.Here it is: Dating can become a distraction that lowers your grades, and may keep you from graduating and entering a profession.College is an opportunity to equip yourself with skills that will give you more choices and greater security in life.

Devote the years you’re enrolled in college first to your education and pursuit of a profession.

Being bi-racial or having an interracial relationship is nobody’s business but your own. Depression is a serious disorder, but it can be treated.

If you can’t take medications because of your religion, treat yourself with natural herbs, roots, and foods that relieve stress and depression.

My goal as The Dating Advice Girl is to help students navigate the sometimes confusing world of campus social life.

Whether you are a freshman new to campus or a returning college student who’d simply like tips for meeting and relating to other students, I’m here to offer practical tips that will help you to live a fun, empowered, and social life, specifically when it comes to dating, social skills, self-esteem and consent.

You can crush on a prof without stressing over finals. They are lifelong students, pursuing research grants, publishing papers and even taking sabbaticals to further explore their areas of expertise. Dust off your blazer and brush up on your current events.