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and Fuji Gen Gakki guitar factories to manufacture Ibanez guitars, and after the Teisco guitar factory (Teisco String Instrument, Company) once closed down in 1969/1970, Hoshino Gakki used the Fuji Gen Gakki guitar factory to make most Ibanez guitars.

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Nisshin Onpa designed and manufactured the now legendary TS-808/TS808 and TS9 Tube Screamers for Ibanez, and many other models, including the FL9 Flanger, CS9 Chorus, and AD9 Analog Delay.

Nisshin Onpa also marketed its pedals under its own Maxon name during this time.

When Nisshin Onpa and Ibanez parted ways in 2002, Nisshin Onpa began to more aggressively market its own line of Maxon pedals.

Repositioning itself as a manufacturer of high-end mass-produced effects, Maxon expanded its line of analog pedals, using rare NOS components and classic circuit designs that are to this day highly respected and sought after. Although they produced digital delays and reverbs during the 1980s and '90s, they now concentrate mostly on "hard-to-find elsewhere" vintage type effects such as analog delays, analog choruses and flangers, and classic overdrive and distortion units.

The essence of the Tube Screamers appeal -- what multitudes of similar designs that it has inspired over the years aim to capture -- are the subtly pleasing qualities it induces as it interacts with a tube amp: As you increase the amplitude of an input signal to overload a tube amps preamp, it distorts the signal in a way that adds sustain, edge, and harmonic liveliness, while preserving the innate tonal characteristics of the guitar and amp -- and without obscuring the players dynamics.

Despite the popularity and Holy Grail status attained by the original TS808, the Tube Screamer wasnt left alone -- and plenty of pedal lovers are glad.Donnie made Stevie's first pedal board, a piece of scrap aluminum bent along the top edge to lift that side off the stage floor, had Stevie place the wah, TS and a MXR Loop Selector where he wanted them on the board, and screwed the pedals to the aluminum board and reinforced with tape. At right is a photo of the board Donnie made with the amplifier foot switch added, ca. Stevie used a Tube Screamer more than any of the very few effects pedals he employed from 1982-1990.Although many associate Stevie's tone with the TS808, photographic and other evidence suggests he only used an 808 briefly in early 1982, and did not use it in the studio.Maxon is the name used by the Nisshin Onpa company of Japan for its line of effects pedals designed for guitar and bass.The unrelated Maxon Corporation is a major global supplier of industrial heating equipment [1].This resulted in the so-called Ibanez lawsuit period.