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Facilitators receive a CD with all session materials and additional resources such as DVDs, slides, posters, and games.UAA has a zero-tolerance policy for gender-based and sexual misconduct.

So far we’ve only seen about 41 tons since September, so clearly there is a good bit of room within this year’s quota should central banks look to sell.

However, I would be quite surprised if we did see selling momentum coming through from the European central banks.

When we talk about investment demand, there are two main drivers: inflation and risk.

I.e., gold does well when buyers are worried about inflation prospects, debt monetization and the debasement of national currencies, and also does well in an environment of heightened volatility and fear about the global economy." And some specific questions relating from recent macroeconomic developments: Can eurozone become a net seller in view of their funding needs?

Sessions are held twice a week and last approximately 1.5 hours each.

The first session of each week focuses on participants learning new skills.

This has to be one of the favorite questions of nearly every investor we encounter, and despite our lack of specialized knowledge and our relative focus on the emerging universe we very often get dragged off into speculative discussions on the nature of gold demand and what gold prices are “telling us”.

If we had to summarize the conclusions on gold in a single phrase – keeping in mind that this is a bit of an exaggeration, and one to which Julien and Edel might well take exception – we would say “forget about the fundamentals”.

We visit the old gold rush town of Pilgrims Rest, a living museum dating back to 1873.

We explore the quaint town, visit Bourkes Luck Potholes and God's Window viewpoint.

On to Tsitsikamma National Park, an indigenous vegetation haven, home to an array of wildlife and remarkable birdlife.