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DOWNLOAD & FILL OUT FORMThis past year has been an exciting year at Temple Bat Yam!We celebrated many extraordinary experiences together from our annual holiday celebrations to our Team TBY activities.I can help you explore and lift that sense of dissatisfaction that has crept into your life.""Begin living the life you have always wanted.

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1044 Beverly Drive Carson City, Nevada 89706 (775) 887-2111 Office Hours: am to pm, Monday through Friday Gates are open from dawn to dusk seven days a week For questions please call or email: Lone Mountain Cemetery encompasses a forty-acre site and is operated through the Carson City Parks and Recreation Department.When Nevada was admitted into the Union in 1864, Carson City was an established, properous community.I can help you explore and lift that sense of dissatisfaction that has crept into your life.""My goal as a therapist is to create a comfortable and supportive environment in which my clients can explore their emotional needs and overcome barriers that limit their full potential.I take an open-minded and non-judgmental approach to client wellness and will work to help each client meet their individual goals.It was not until 1971 that seven separate cemeteries were incorporated into the present-day Lone Mountain Cemetery.

Lone Mountain Cemetery today encompasses sections for the Masons, Oddfellows, Catholics, two Babyland areas, Hebrew, Grand Army of the Republic, Veterans, and a city cemetery section which dates back to the territorial days.

Two early cemeteries dating from the late 1850s, the Pioneer and Wright cemeteries, were already in use at the time of Nevada statehood.

Many of the individiuals interred in those early burial grounds were relocated to the site of Lone Mountain in the mid-1860's.

Muse News Library has: May & Jun., 1989 - date Fernley Enterprise Library has: Dec. 7, 1920 Lyon County Leader-Courier Library has: Jan. 9, 1987 Fernley Leader / Dayton Courier Library has: Sep.

25, 1987 In Focus Library has: 1987/1988 - date Published by the Churchill County Museum Association.

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