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After an unfortunate string of no-shows for touch up appointments, we will be implementing a cancellation policy for all touch ups booked.

We will require 24 hours notice to cancel and rebook a touch up appointment once it is booked.

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An eyebrow piercing is what is known among body modification enthusiasts as a surface piercing.

These piercings are the type that do not go all the way through a body part, rather, they are passed through a section of flesh creating a type of tunnel.

On leaving a deposit, you agree to the following terms: *Tattoo Deposits are a 0 tax NON REFUNDABLE deposit and can be paid by Cash/ Debit/Credit/Account payment/Paypal/Gift Card.

*Your deposit will be deducted off the final price of your tattoo, provided you arrive for your appointment on time or reschedule with adequate notice.

Some other examples of surface piercings are Madison piercings, which go through the skin just above the collarbone below the neck, and wrist or hand piercings.