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What is it that makes some guys not want to talk to a girl because they see her talking another guy?

Competition is good because it makes us better men.

Love PongĀ® works by giving you and your partner small, easy communication tasks, and provides online coaching on how to communicate most effectively. Other times you'll discover things that might have festered - and get an opportunity to nip it in the bud.

For more communication activities and games, please see our book Growing Together.For a PDF version of the following games, please click here. IMPACT: Communication, icebreaker, fun RISK: Low GROUP SIZE: Unlimited; 12 - 15 is a good size TIME REQUIRED: 10 minutes DIRECTIONS: Spirit of Play, used with permission.Most of the time, women complain of not getting enough ear to their worries, while men will complain of being tired of listening to them.With such clashes, the ego is bound to create a wall, and eventually, both will choose to stay mum and drag the relation, simply by the day, the way it comes. The reason you fall in a relationship is to get security, emotional space and be happy, with the best of oneself for each other.When you are done, this information is sent to your partner.

We call this a "Ping." Next, your partner receives an email that you have "pinged," and is invited to login.Communication is a key ingredient in any team environment.Here are some of our most popular activities that emphasize communication between participants.Lack of communication weakens most of the relationship strings.To strengthen them effectively, get help with some communication games for couples. For the rest of the world, life remains the same, and relationships have much more than just love to take care about.I honestly think some women pit guys against each other to see who will come out the best. See them as potential friends, contacts, business partners, and perhaps most importantly your way in to a conversation with the girl you like.