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I love music ( r&b,rap,country, Jesus pretty much everything really..) love to sing pretty much all the time lol, own a truck, I am a roofer on the side as well and play lots of different sports. i'm in a deeply passionate and committed relationship with the piano and love tickling dem keys. I'm a clean freak and very organized yet free spirited..spiritual..asuch as I love to smile I love to make others cook I'm kind and compassionate, have a goofy sense of humour, love my friends and my pets and want to add a special woman to my life.

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So in truth it’s probably less of ‘personal choice’ but more ‘principle by default’.I’ve heard fables of folk finding love in supermarket aisles: Boy meets girl whilst perusing fresh produce only to discover they share the same affinity for funky fromage, and it’s dairy serendipity. I’ve seen many a handsome customer whilst on my Saturday shop, but usually I have to duck down the dog food aisle so they don’t clock that (a) my basket is chock-full of hangover-smiting carbs, microwave meals for one, or feminine hygiene products and (b) I’m normally still wearing my pyjamas.Favourite movies: -Harry Potter - Princess Bride - Titanic - X-men - nightmare on elm street (I love horror) - Disney Favourite tv shows: -One Tree Hill - Supernatural - Grey's Anatomy - Friends - Simpsons - anime Things I love to do: - write - sing - read - bake - bowling If any of this interests you please message me Not too sure what to expect on here lol but im a HUGE anime fan 😊 i work alot and love my family alot. I enjoy nature, art, geeky things, activism, cats, weed and the occult.I guess for now im just looking for some friends to hang with and maybe go to a few bars im also 420 friendly! Old rap is my favourite kind of music and I could watch true crime documentaries all day.And that’s just the start of it – then you have to find somewhere awesome to go.

The ideal venue tells your new playmate: ‘I’m a cool, balanced, interesting individual and none of my pals can understand why I am still single.’ The fate of your love life and future happiness hangs in the balance.

A great night was enjoyed sharing delicious treasure chest cocktails, interesting conversations and a few dance moves.

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Public transport – surely a goldmine of potential partners, as millions of Londoners use it every day?

Picture it now - pressed against some handsome stranger on the Northern Line, eyes meeting over the Metro, you politely apologise for the enforced intimacy, and then Cupid, armed with bow and arrow and Oyster card takes aim.

With a chilled atmosphere in mind, we’re setting up the perfect event for you meet and chat with other singles.