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He is trying to isolate you and you know it, but for a moment, it feels safe.

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Frank had no problem with her loving her job, but there was something strange about her relationship with her boss.

He did not think that she was dating him, or having any kind of illicit thing going on with him.

The moment you realize you’ve been sleeping next to a sociopathic pathological liar, you will lose your breath, your head will spin, and the floor will fall out from under you. You will gather the facts and you will confront him.

He will continue to lie because maybe at this point he believes the story you’re both living in.

Dealing with the Everyday Confronting the Liar Understanding the Compulsive Liar Community Q&A So, someone in your life makes, "I did not have relations with that woman," look like child's play, eh? We did everything and more to help him, and he rejected everything. He has ruined his life, and significantly damaged other people's lives. Also good to read about protecting and caring for oneself. My wife cheated on me, when confronted continued to lie about it and deny.

related to this and other seriously dysfunctional behavior, which has landed him in deep trouble with the legal system.It did not falter because she worked with a former boyfriend, but because she had not been clear about the nature of her former relationship with her boss. Even those who consider themselves to be honest people will occasionally shade or omit certain facts in order to avoid punishment or gain an advantage. If you want to keep them in your life (and you have every right not to), then you have to stay calm and learn to deal with them without losing your patience.Information like this gives insight into his behavior. When the evidence was too great, she became very angry. Honesty is considered to be a basic feature of a healthy person and a healthy relationship, but there are people who will move the truth around like Scrabble tiles to suit their needs. I’m not talking about the sister who tells everyone she’s five years younger than she really is.