Datagrid not updating after databind silverlight

Finally, there are things (this, this, this, this, this, and this) that simply perform worse than you likely expect.Like Charles Petzold, I am something of a Xamlholic: I'll try for hours to find a way of expressing my UI in pure XAML, rather than pollute its purity with C# code, even if the code could go in a code-behind file.

property that allows you to get and set the password.

However, it's a plain CLR property rather than a Dependency Property, so it doesn't support being the target of a Data binding.

Ben Westbrook of Microsoft explains in a forum post that it was not exposed as a Dependency Property for security reasons.

The values of Dependency Properties are managed centrally by the Dependency Property sub-system so that it can handle all the data-binding and cool animation stuff (animating a password - now that would be interesting!

Blend-style behaviors also have their own set of lifetime problems.

Then there are some problems (like this and this) where WPF leaks for you too.I’m not going to talk about things like writing to to optimize drawing—it’s a topic covered to death elsewhere.Instead, this is meant to be a slightly more practical guide to squeezing performance out of WPF in ways that are probably more likely affecting you.'' : Date Field) #"( written method call inside anchor tag HI Alexander, I am unable to find the issue here, Can you help me, I am using this fields in grid {field:"date Field Name: type : "date", format:"" -----Here i am getting date in the specified format and sorting also working fine. 2) The value which is returned from the function is not date.But in this case its not working , In this case date is not sorting properly,it is treating as string .. Additionally, if the used version is not the latest one, please check if updating will resolve the issue.If the issues still occurs, please send a runnable example demonstrating the scenario, and I will gladly assist.