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Child services then contacted police, who arrested the father three days later.His statements then led police to find the other accused man.

The little girl’s father has also confessed to some of the accusations, prosecutors said.Searches of the two defendants’ apartments uncovered instruments that investigators say were used to bind and gag the small child.Michael Lockwood and his two twin daughters Harper (left) and Finley (right) stepped out in Santa Monica on Sunday for a daddy-daughters outing.Lockwood bought Finley a new striped dress, which she wore out of the store But no observer could have guessed at the discord when musician Michael Lockwood took the girls out on March 12.Upon his arrest, the second man had just gone into an encrypted chat room, prosecutors said.

The father faces nine counts of abusive offences, while the 47-year-old faces four charges.

The sports legend is not happy about it, as any dad is protective over their children.

Magic also knows a thing or two about the fast-paced lifestyle professional athletes live today. He’s a no-go on the athletes and Dodger players,” she said.

In 1995, Magic and Cookie Johnson adopted Elisa Johnson when she was just three days old.

Now, the newly appointed Los Angeles Lakers’ team president is fielding calls from professional athletes on the relationship status of his 22-year-old daughter, much to his dismay.

First he took them for a Mexican meal at Lula, a restaurant a block from the beach in Santa Monica before going shopping for a dress for Finley.