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My addiction began as something small, but step by step over 10 years, it has transformed into something which is at times uncontrollable.

The first time I used a credit card on a porn site was after several years of being addicted to porn.

The dream would continue to haunt her for years to come.A storm had blown in from the Atlantic with snow falling in thick clumps but Gudmundur Einarsson was oblivious to this.An 18-year-old casual labourer, he had been partying at the Alpyouhusid, a dance hall in the pretty harbour town of Hafnarfjordur, south of Reykjavik.When he left, in the early hours, Gudmundur decided to walk the 10km home, an act of blind faith that only comes with youth.The highlight of the show was Aarav’s confession that he had kissed Oviya on the sets of the show.

One of the major reasons behind Oviya’s exit, as she herself stated, was that she could not handle the feelings she felt for Aarav.She may not be as outrageous as her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, but Isla Fisher is no shrinking violet.OK, she hasn't undertaken same-sex nude wrestling, crashed the Oscars' red carpet or posed in Cannes in embarrassing beach-wear, like the British star of .The question of her being misled by him was in contention for the past few episodes.When Kamal pointedly asked Aarav whether it had happened, the latter refused to give a clear answer at first but later agreed that he had kissed her.It's why, she says, she likes to play crazy when she can – from the psycho girl in .