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There are more than 14 miles of roads traversing the Izembek Wilderness and another 35 miles in the Izembek Refuge, dating back to World War II when thousands of GIs traveled extensively throughout the area.

is a city in Aleutians East Borough, Alaska, United States. Cold Bay is one of the main commercial centers of the Alaska Peninsula, and is home to Cold Bay Airport.

There is evidence of prehistoric occupation by Aleuts and later Russian encampments.

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On Sunday afternoon, the Pavlof volcano roared to life in Alaska, sending a column of ash over 37,000 feet into the sky.The ash traveled for more than 400 miles, and grounded a few flights in the state.Start the journey by taking the e Harmony Personality Profile and get feedback that details how you relate to other Alaska singles.Then read your FREE Compatibility profileĀ® and meet Alaska singles that are truly right for you.It lies at approximately 55 12' N Latitude, 162 42' W Longitude (Sec. The community is located in the Aleutian Islands Recording District. At that time, the airport was the largest in the state, with a 10,000' runway.

The Izembek landscape surrounding Cold Bay includes volcanoes with glacier caps, valleys and tundra uplands that slope into lagoons adjoining the Bering Sea.

At least one village reported being dusted by a coating of ash before the ash plume subsided early Tuesday.

Residents in the nearby town of Cold Bay were treated to a light show, with lava fountains at the summit visible at night.

Abundant shorebirds and waterfowl, as well as caribou, fox and brown bear make it a popular spot for sportsmen and naturalists.

Because of its central location and modern airport, Cold Bay serves as the regional center for air transportation on the Alaska Peninsula and as an international hub for private aircraft.

The Great Alaskan Earthquake is the largest ever recorded in the United States.