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On the coffee cups themselves there’s each person’s age, occupation, height, hair colour and interests, along with a link to our dating profiles.

It’s easy to be a sex symbol behind a computer screen.

That’s the reality nowadays, for those of us who have become a little bit more set in our ways, a little bit less confident and a little bit more fat.

Nowhere in my wildest dreams had I thought I would ever resort to internet dating.

I had imagined the Age of Aquarius to be somewhat more romantic.

is running a pop-up coffee shop called Espresso Yourself in Shoreditch’s Boxpark today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday, January 19-20). Well there’s free coffee in it for you if you’re in the area. If you don’t want to drink me (screw you) there’s also Match members Raminta, Chloe, Antonia, David, Simon and Milind on the menu.

You order one of us just by going up to the van and picking a name.When I was younger I had no idea I’d still be kissing a lot of frogs at my age. Apparently, the book said, if you smile at a man it will lure him and he will come over, completely forgetting that it was you who made the first move! The idea of the Handsome Prince had faded some 5 or so years ago, and been replaced by the Reasonably Sane and Funny Bachelor (looks, unimportant), happy-if-you-just-turn-up. I was fine with someone deciding we’d be better as friends, but not turning up was just plain rude. The book I was reading said this actually still worked. You know that conversation you have with your single friends where you all sit round the kitchen clutching your various hot drinks, dissecting and laughing about each other’s utterly God-awful love lives?Then you get to the part when you say ‘where the hell ARE all the normal single people anyway? Then you do go to a pub but only talk to one another because your friends are awesome and hilarious and also there’s possibly a chance you’re terrified of rejection?Plus, of course, the possibility of landing a hot date.