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Naturally, when crafting storylines set up to get two or more people to fight each other, there's a limited amount of resources one can tap to get the ball rolling, and one of the trusty go-to plot elements has always been the romance angle.Over the years, this has gone in so many directions ranging from the wholesome to the vomit-inducing.Daniel Bryan (played by Bryan Danielson [yes, really]) is a vegan socialist wrestler who knows about a million ways to twist your elbow behind your neck and break your joints faster than Rep. Daniel Bryan swiftly became an emotionally abusive boyfriend to AJ, belittling her and putting her in harm's way repeatedly to further his own goals.

WHEN AJ MET DANIEL This whole thing started when AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan began dating back in November 2011. Well, AJ Lee (played by April Jeannette Mendez) is a teeny-tiny lady-wrestler who happens to look like Rosario Dawson's little sister.

She also dresses like a Ninja Turtle for Halloween and is an all-around geek goddess.

Mark Copani, aka Muhammad Hassan, was a talented wrestler who portrayed a man of Arab descent during his brief tenure in the WWE in the mid-2000s.

At the time, fear and xenophobia following the events of 9/11 were still high, so Hassan’s debut was met with heat from mainstream media.

Things escalated exponentially when, at Smack Down!

taped July 4th, 2005, Hassan knelt down to pray and let his masked henchmen take on The Undertaker.

The relationship was also used as a WWE Storyline between Matt and Edge.

After that she became romantically involved with Edge (Adam Copeland).

Lita was born as Amy Christine Dumas on April 14, 1945. She has spent her childhood going from one place to another.

But she became famous as a member of The Hardy Boyz.

Point the second: One should assume that I am discussing the kayfabe (ie fictional) characters portrayed by the wrestlers in this post.