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It doesn’t matter how you say it, just play it – ‘till your fingers bleed!

You’ll find sites on the history of the electric or acoustic guitar, forums to talk about your favorite instrument (well it’s our favorite – and it should be yours too), and even dare we say it – information for bass players.

Plus, many Italians still enjoy classical compositions as well as releases from contemporary artists.

Italian classical music blossomed during the 1700s.

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Whether you’re looking for the low-down on vintage guitars, flamenco, chicks with pics, or even guitar jokes (do you know how many guitarists it takes to change a light bulb?

), or 8 string guitar pages, this is the place to come.

This musical form came of age in the 1700s, a century when the nation built the La Scala and the San Carlo Theater, two of its greatest opera houses.

Further, the comic opera dates back to the late 1700s.

Image Credit: ‘Kathakali’, an important genre in the Indian classical dance form, is associated with storytelling form of this art.

It is the dance drama from the south Indian state of Kerala.

Francesco Gabbani wins Sanremo 2017 with Occidentali’s Karma.