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So, I don’t think they’ll change their minds.”That’s probably what Kelly Price thought too…But what do you think of Michele’s revelations in her letter? I did it because I want you to know me outside of the lyrics. I have a solid fan base for these last 8 years and they’ve been kind to me and full of love and affection.| Adore these girls @queenaftan @lovingly_makeup me & @iamsheenawilder letting the balloons go at the end of the night.

Dear fans, Maybe you were right about me not doing a reality show. I’ve traveled to more countries then I can pronounce and made friends of fans and celebs alike, collabed with my favorite artists (you know I’m a nerdy hip hop head).

Some people aren’t meant to share their personality.

One could make the argument the singer-songwriter brought it on herself by performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration ball, but that’s neither here nor there.

After being raked over the coals by Black Twitter, and then having her song “Black Girl Magic” be removed from Spike Lee’s forthcoming Netflix series Michele’s manager and soon-to-be husband Doug “Biggs” Ellison had enough of people–namely Lee–talking about his lady. It should be no surprise Ellison stood up for his fiancee, however, it is surprising that along with the “open letter,” Michele released a poem “No Political Genius” as a response to those who questioned her decision, to begin with.

| My friends from childhood, cousins, aunts uncles, mom n dad & my loving were there dancing and laughing the day & night away dressed in all white! Nothing like family ♡ Chrissy going inn with mom and dad #engagementparty #congratschrissyanddoug#becomingmrsellison A video posted by Shenelle lovings Mays-Smith (@lovingly_makeup) on Sep 5, 2016 at pm PDT From Misses to Mrs with my loves @bigmamamel @avaraiin @chrisettemichele @melissamusique yes we are adulting lol so many years of friendship in this pic and now we are all either married or getting married ♡ #congratschrissyanddoug##becomingmrsellison A photo posted by Shenelle lovings Mays-Smith (@lovingly_makeup) on Sep 5, 2016 at pm PDT I just had to BLOG about last night at My #Becoming Mrs Ellison All White Engagement Party thrown by my husband to be was pure perfection.

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Sorry, but I consider those type of reality shows as a good look for singers/artists who have been in the industry for years and years, have amassed a decent amount of notoriety, but want to take their career to the next level (and have a little drama at the same time). On your TV screens to show you who I am outside of this music/Hollywood stuff. Maybe I should stay in my comfortable cave where I’m only loved.

Michele has only been active in the industry since 2006, and she just seemed like someone who would never give reality TV the time of day. In a lengthy open letter of sorts on her Instagram page, Michele talked about the surprising onslaught of negativity that she’s had to deal with since she decided to be a “Diva,” and how she now realizes that it’s not for her.“Hey can I write you a letter? I’ve never thought that wearing angel wings and trying to be open about feelings would make people send me evil tweets and receive awful phone calls. Maybe that’s not the right term for artists now a days the way it was when Whitney was here. Half a million twitter followers, 200k insta Rich Hipster’s and 2.1 million Facebook likes have come from the music alone.

But after she left Def Jam and launched her own label, Rich Hipster, she reached out to the man who knew her best–both as an artist and as a person.

has written and performed many songs about love and love lost, but now she's singing a different tune.

I won’t speak the name of people who quell my light.