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Check it out online, and feel free to contact Dana at [email protected] you would like to become a presenter. Special presentation by Susan Tatelli, 8th grade student, sharing the video she created as she self-administered epinephrine during an anaphylactic episode.Susan then led our group in training and practicing with an Epi auto-injector. Sarah Boudreau-Romano, from Lurie Children’s Hospital, introduced the FASE (Food Allergy Support and Education) program and presented her “Reflections on Anaphylaxis” during which she shared a recent episode of anaphylaxis within her family, and walked us through the things that went right and the things that went sideways and the take-home messages from the experience.

It even has 96oz urns of coffee to go, depending on how deep your coffee crush lies on the addiction scale. With an old-school neon sign hanging over burnt-orange walls, it feels like the kind of place rock stars go for coffee. This Hyde Park central meeting place (with an additional location nearby in Bronzeville) has a drink named after Obama called the Mocha Bama with dark and white chocolate sauce, pineapple and coconut syrup, two shots of espresso, steamed milk, and whipped cream.

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Not if you know where to look, though, like the best non-chain coffee shops in 27 different Chicago neighborhoods. Fancy types can also go with the Burundi Kirema or Colombia Los Naranjos single origin espresso, but it would take a fool of momentous proportions to skip out on the Dirty Mexican Hot Chocolate -- a seductive blend of Mexican chocolate and espresso shooters.

Looking immaculate amidst exposed bricks and pretty wood, this no-frills modern espresso bar plays music by everyone (from Panda Bear to Beastie Boys), while packing a massive punch with its Double Strength Cold-Brew coffee. Also stop by for the occasional live jazz and art exhibitions.

Starbucks plans to open a four-level Roastery flagship on Michigan Avenue, its largest space yet for the high-end concept that the coffee giant is rolling out around the world.

(Ryan Ori and Samantha Bomkamp)The company is also bringing back its S'mores Frappuccinos.An oven, a microwave and a toaster are provided in the kitchen. Other facilities at Mocha Apartment include a barbecue.Bank of America Theatre is 1,300 feet from Mocha Apartment, and Chicago Symphony Orchestra is 1,300 feet away.One of Chicago’s most popular coffee shops ain’t exactly cheap ( for a bagel lox sandwich?), but it has pretty much everything you need in a coffee shop: cool vibes, comfy seating, and a variety of standout roasts including the famous Kyoto-style cold-brew iced coffee. For you, it has Wake & Bake espresso with maple syrup, and Unicorn Blood lattes (which you should also probably add maple syrup to).The elaborate drinks are part of Starbucks' annual Frappuccino Happy Hour promotion, which begins Friday and runs through May 14.