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Click the image icon to add pictures from your computer. "travel," "books," "cooking") to the tags section beneath the post box and add any categories in the categories column to help visitors navigate your website once you have several posts up.

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The application may want to broadcast the video and audio to other people who are viewing or hearing the application you are running — for example, during an interactive meeting.

The application may also be recording the video and audio for later playback — for example, so someone who can't attend the meeting can review it later.

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Adobe assumes no responsibility for third-party privacy policies, actions of third-party companies in capturing audio or video on your computer, or such companies' use of such data or information.

If you select Allow, the application can capture what your camera sees and your microphone hears, until you close the application.

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The application running in Adobe Flash Player has requested access to the camera and/or microphone available on your computer, from now until the application ends.

Note that it is the person or company that has created the application you are using that is requesting such access, not Adobe (unless Adobe has created the application that wants access to your camera or microphone).

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