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Daria received a good price for her hair compared with many Russian girls and women who sell out of desperation - a trend that prompts fears that the trade, while legal, amounts to alarming exploitation of the poor to benefit the rich.

Daria Danilova, pictured before she had her hair cut off and sold it for £120.

Whether or not additional fees are required, you will NOT pay me a single credit until I ask you to send it to me AFTER you have approved the completed item in the client.

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You must provide at least one decent back and front view of any item requested.

You may choose to model your item requested, however I do not announce "Requested By So-And-So" unless specifically asked to do so.

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These are the faces of the women and children in Russia who sell their 'virgin' hair for as little as £20 - so it can be weaved into the heads of fashionable females in the UK and US for £300 to £1,200.