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Throwing out a peace sign with your palm facing inward is asking for trouble. Offended countries: Afghanistan, Iran, and parts of Italy and Greece What you think it means: “All good!

” What it really means: Thumbs up is sign of approval in the US and even eventually to Zangief, but it actually translates to “up yours” in other places around the world. Offended country: Pakistan What you think it means: “Solidarity, bro,” or to gesticulate how much you’re really enjoying this Avicii jam.

As soon as Jim and I learned that there were clubs in London where ladies took all their clothes off we began to make plans for the trip.

Both of us begged and stole enough money from home to pay for the train tickets from Liverpool and we'd nearly £20 left over for a night in a hotel and the price of getting into the actual strip club.

I will again be talking on the subject of Crime and Punishment in 18th Century London Waterstone’s, Royal Tunbridge Wells – 7 p.m.

on Wednesday 19th May 2015 I’ll be giving a talk at Waterstones at 7pm on Wednesday 8th April on )- 10.30 a.m.

), use your words rather than your hands to call someone over in Singapore and Japan. In The Philippines however, it’s reserved to call over dogs, dawg. Offended countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, and Colombia What you think it means: “Rock ’n’ roll,” or if you’re part of that University of Texas football culture, “Hook ‘em Horns!

Talk at the central library, Royal Tunbridge Wells – 2.30 p.m. I shall be at the library from around 2 pm on 24th October for a general natter to whoever wants to chat to me on whatever subject they want. I’ll be delivering a talk on the state of the criminal justice system in England in the early years of the 19th Century.

Neither of us had ever been near a hotel except for the time Jim's sister had got married at the Adelphi so we booked into the first one we found as we walked out of Euston station.

It was not only a filthy dump - the sort of place, as Ronnie Scott once put it - where you'd wipe your feet on the way out - but the manager took immediate advantage of having two pubescent schoolboys as guests and casually added £10 to our bill. I was all for going straight to Soho to find one of the clubs we'd heard about but Jim reckoned that women weren't very likely to take their clothes off in the morning and that we should wait until at least four o'clock in the afternoon before making a move.

At half-past three promptly - Jim had agreed to a compromise - we began our tour of the Soho clubs.