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But that was sixteen years ago, and there’s no way you’re old enough to have been working here then.” She glares at me. I’m really scared.” I threw myself out of bed and got dressed. “She needs medical attention, and quickly,” I told the nurse, whose name I still cannot remember. I called everyone else before you, but no one picked up. I’ll pick you up at your house in like five minutes." When I got there, a scared little boy (about ten years old, in my estimate), stood there clad in long blue pajamas. The party house was obvious when we got closer - it smelled like pot everywhere. I checked your pulse, and it was there, faint as a butterfly’s wing but still going. The nurse looked at me like I was Satan incarnate, coming into her demesnes smelling of pot and bringing an unconscious girl and a ten-year old with me.

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When I was 7 years old, I was involved in a car accident and I fractured my neck and lower back, i also broke my right arm and right collarbone and shattered my shoulder blade.I remember waking after the accident in a halo brace and a big cast with a long spreader bar extending from my breasts to my right forearm. I was mostly asleep when the phone buzzed on my dresser, almost falling off. I don’t know what would have happened if your brother hadn’t called me. Not a surprise - you’d probably drunk-dialed me again. ” a worried voice that was most definitely not yours asked as soon as I pressed the ok button on my cell. This spotty maxi is a unique piece that will definitely have you standing out from the crowd.

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I remember not feeling anything below my waist, and then I saw my mom next to me, who also had a halo brace and 2 leg casts.

The doctors were telling my mom that I was paralyzed from waist down, and I have also broken my neck.

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She has used a wheelchair and at times crutches in the past, and certainly.