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PIC: Britney Spears Shows Off Her Amazing Abs While Preparing for World Tour Clearly, Spears and her handsome boyfriend are showing no signs of slowing down.In March, the "Make Me" singer accompanied Asghari to support his sister, Fay, at Los Angeles Fashion Week, where she walked the runway.“Britney should be careful.” As Radar reported, Spears’ protective father, Jamie, is so worried about Asgahari that he hired a team of eight private detectives to dig into his past, said an insider.

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A Spears rep denied it, but the source claimed, “Britney wants to invite dancers, staffers and her entire Vegas squad, as well as family and friends.” Brit’s little sis, Jamie Lynn, will host the bachelorette party in her backyard — a barbecue hayride with fat-freezing spa treatments and teeth whitening, claimed the source.As Radar has reported, Spears’ love life can be tracked all the way back to her Mickey Mouseketeer days, and first love, Justin Timberlake.In a northwest neighborhood on a "quiet" Sunday morning, a valley mother was murdered in her home."There's a female neighbor yelling, [neighbor] went to the door," scanner dispatchers said.The victim is 45-year-old, Lizzette Schley."Yeah, it was right over in that area," neighbor John Surrency said pointing to the scene of the murder.Meanwhile, 35-year-old Spears is keeping up her workout schedule even while on tour.

Last week, she shared a video of her intense gym routine in Japan. And 23-year-old Asghari is there to support Spears during her time overseas. The pop superstar is also scheduled to perform in South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Israel.In November, Asghari sparked the romance rumors when he posted a now-deleted Instagram picture of himself with Britney. That same month, Britney claimed on "The Jonathan Ross Show" that she was not dating anyone, saying, "A lot of men are about games. The goofy picture is a far cry from the steamy moments the two share in “Slumber Party.” In one particular scene, Spears crawls across a table toward a seated Asghari, licking the spilled milk in front of him.