Black men dating ethiopian women

Michelle Kaufman is a researcher who focuses on sexual behavior in the developing world.

He was a first time client, so we began to chit chat as I worked on his papers.

We talked about travels and different people we had met; the conversation turned to marriage as I was obviously wearing my wedding ring; he asked if I was married to an African, I said “Yes, of course,” then he asked if my husband was a doctor. Oh well, he says quite a few African men he knows are doctors … That’s when he asked me why it is so uncommon to find African women who date or marry outside their culture, especially to African American men. I kinda agreed – African women do marry outside their race and culture, but it’s more common to find them married to Caucasian men.

I agree that there is an aura of unrehearsed confidence about African men that makes women like me weak.

And Minna’s point about a sort of feministic archetype African man is interesting. They too get the 3am calls from relatives back home who can never seem to get the time differences right.

This holds true chiefly for people from the country side.

They tend to be more conservative , less "modern", less educated ( less affluent).Well, this is one of those testy topics that I am sure you will either agree with or think of as ‘utterly senseless’, but the truth is that since Dunia Magazine provides the platform for cross cultural discussions, I thought to ‘lay it out on the table’.By confronting and discussing these things, we may actually begin to break the ice …that I am sure you agree often exists between Africans and African Americans.In as much as my intention is not to generalize or stereotype, I am writing this article based on real life experiences and events.Earlier this year, I believe in January, a client walked into my office, his name JD (I am sure he is going to read this article).