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However most Christian and Jewish theologians interpret these same verses as referring to inter-faith marriages. Self, author of an Internet site "Interracial Marriage is against God's Law" concludes that God created the different races after the incident at the Tower of Babel.

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Ruth was a Moabite woman (Ruth 1:4) who intermarried into the Hebrew nation. Marries another Hebrew named Boaz and has a child name Obed. And perhaps the most quoted text condemning interracial marriage: Some have argued that to be married to someone is to be unequally yoked.There are two problems with regard to using this Bible verse as a justification for banning interracial marriages.1) It is racist.It just seems silly to me that this text would be used as a justification for the church condemning interracial marriages, and yet this is precisely what happens.Those who use this text argue that God desired to have people of different races separated, and therefore, he scattered them all over the face of the earth. Nowhere in the BABEL(babble is what you were doing) story is marriage or race even mentioned. I don't know if God would consider it a sin though. The only proof I can offer is that it never mentions race or marriage.

If it wasn't for inventions of transportation then we wouldn't have been able to have access to each other as easily as we do now. The story of BABEL(NOT BABBLE),is a warning against being prideful. The only thing in the Bible I have read that speaks of sex is HIS thoughts on homosexuality......that's a whole other topic and not appropriate for discussion here. trying to find her: I understand that you are asking for proof.At the time, the cultures in what is now the Middle East believed that a metal dome above the Earth's surface separated Heaven and Earth.He writes: "God created the different races and dispersed them because of man's arrogance. It does mean that was His plan and we show our arrogance again in the face of God when we say: 'We know You made the different races, God, but we have decided we don't like that and we are going to try and have all the races intermarry again to get it back the way it was because You messed it up God.' This is ultimate arrogance to God and His plan.God is not concerned with the purity of the Hebrew race; he is concerned with the purity of the Hebrew religion. And it is out of this lineage that our Lord and Savior is born.The fact of the matter is this: foreigners were accepted into the Hebrew nation as long as they were willing to forsake their former gods and worship the God of Israel. It seems that God isn't so much concerned with interracial marriage, as he is with the tainting of Hebrew worship.John Piper is founder and teacher of desiring and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary.