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PHI has sent a letter to the directors of Hollinger International outlining reasons for the takeover, which include an improved ability to renegotiate debt.

Substantial cost savings would be achieved in distribution, printing, and advertising across the newspaper titles of the enlarged group.

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The moniker later became the name of a Facebook page, with a collection of movie posters with Hayes' face on them.In April 2015, Hayes was criticized for being an organiser of the #saveourboys video featuring (among many Australian citizens) Film/celebrities including: Bryan Brown, Guy Pearce, Geoffrey Rush, Joel Edgerton, Luke Hemsworth, Brendan Cowell and Peter Helliar.The Barclay brothers have added the Daily Telegraph to their portfolio of UK newspapers after agreeing a £260 million takeover of Hollinger Inc.They announced the signing of an "irrevocable agreement" with Ravelston, owned by Lord Black of Crossharbour, to buy its 78% stake in the Canadian company.Failure to comply may result in the suspension of your account.

The seller cannot add a Buy Now price once bidding has started.

Michael Dorman (SUBURBAN MAYHEM, ACOLYTES, DAYBREAKERS, TRIANGLE) stars alongside award-winning actress Emily Barclay (IN MY FATHER' S DEN, SUBURBAN MAYHEM) and a trucking good Aussie cast including William Mc Innes (UNFINSHED SKY, LOOK BOTH WAYS), Gyton Grantley (UNDERBELLY, BALIBO, BENEATH HILL 60, THE REEF) and Ben Mendelsohn (THE YEAR MY VOICE BROKE, AUSTRALIA, LOVE MY WAY, ANIMAL KINGDOM).

PRIME MOVER is a bittersweet love story with action, some singing and a little bit of dance.

The company also cites negative publicity surrounding a US investigation into payments to Hollinger International executives, including Lord Black who denies any wrongdoing.

Sir David said: "We believe this continued media controversy is significantly harming the public image and stock price of Hollinger International and undermining its credibility in the financial markets."As part of the acquisition, the negative media attention should cease."The Barclay brothers currently own a number of newspapers in the UK including The Scotsman, Edinburgh Evening News, Scotland on Sunday and The Business.

Hayes also earned AFI and Film Critics Circle award nominations for The Boys.