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By coincidence, my helmet had an Exposure Joystick light mount attached which fitted the camera perfectly (see helmet picture).

Once mounted, the camera is incredibly light and small. It is easy to slip into your pocket once you’ve finished using it, and the USB adapter means that you can charge it up in the office ready for the journey home if needs be.

Victoria’s most famous surf spot is a classic and consistent right point that breaks on almost any tide, any wind and any decent swell from SE-SW. Micro-Trenching is a fast, efficient and cost-effective process of creating a trench in the groundwork of an existing hardscape for the installation of cables / ducts.The Smooth Shot steadycam takes away both the pain of the huge price tag that comes with the traditional steadycam rigs, and also eliminates the time consuming setup required to get started, and as a bonus it removes the back-breaking effort of actually using the equipment.After listening to our customer feedback we at Smooth Shot UK created the new V2 camera stabilizer.There's nothing better than being able to treat yourself to some stunning new lingerie, but often the high street is paved with disappointment.

Standard sizes are prevalent, but what if you don't fit that "standard"?If you run your camera at its highest resolution and frame rate, it may run the battery down quicker. Most shoot in high definition (720 pixels or more) with options to vary resolution/frame rate.If you might be out on your bike in the rain, your camera needs to be waterproof. Picture quality also depends on bit rate (higher is better) and data compression.As a cyclist, I was initially puzzled about which mount was meant to be for me.There were no instructions pertaining to this particular part of the gadget, so I tried them all. The flat sticky mounts were clearly designed for a flat surface like a motorcycle helmet or a car window and were never going to sit well on an air-vented cycling helmet.The camera boasts 2 hours memory (8Gb) and 90 minutes battery use, but mine lasted three hours of on-and-off use.