Backdating council tax benefit uk

If you disagree with our decision you can write to us within one calendar month telling us why you disagree and asking us to review your application.Housing benefit and/or council tax support can be considered for backdating up to one month (this changed in April 2016).

An overpayment is when we pay you an amount of housing benefit or council tax support that you were not entitled to receive and you will usually be asked to pay this back.

Overpayments can occur because of many different factors.

You will need to submit your request for a backdate in writing and show that you had continuous 'good cause' for failing to make an earlier claim.

You can request backdated benefit on the benefit claim form or via a letter.

When we have made the decision we will write to you.

If we refuse your request, you can submit an appeal against our decision in writing, which must be made within one calendar month of the date of the decision being made for a housing benefit appeal.

However, if there is a good reason why the tenant should be asked to repay the money instead, the overpayment could be recovered from them.

An example could be where a tenant starts work without advising the council and the landlord could not have been expected to know that they were being overpaid. The council will normally take a weekly amount back from the claimant's current housing benefit if they are still entitled. Details of how to repay an invoice are shown on the invoice, or if you wish to make a payment now you can do so using our online service.

In some circumstances we understand it may not be possible to apply immediately so we may be able to backdate your application.

Some examples of these circumstances are: When your application has been processed we will write to you to let you know our decision.

If benefit was being paid to the claimant's landlord, they too will receive notification.