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I met my FI in 2010 and he proposed in August this year. I've never cried so much at the thought of our wedding. We had planned to get married in their Catholic Chapel at the resort, but have since had to change our plans.

The process of obtaining a declaration of nullity is similar to an annulment process.Despite its retroactive nature, children born before an annulment are considered legitimate in many countries.In the eyes of the catholic Church, until such time as your marriage has been annulled, you are still married to your husband.Therefore, is it appropriate for you to date another man while you are still married to your husband?This is a legal process that goes through the Catholic Church and takes about a year to complete, generally speaking. Our wedding date can't be changed - over 20 guests have already purchased tickets.

So for now, we're planning a legal civil wedding in the Dominican and then we will have our marriage validated in the Catholic Church once the Annulment comes through. I guess I'm just looking for some support through this. Julie PS - On a funny note, we ironically were introduced through - my ex-MIL!A little history about me: I met and started dating my x H in 2000, we married in 2003, and we divorced in 2007. I wanted to be the bigger person and while I said right from the beginning that I was "fine", I of course wasn't.With every year that passes, though, I realize more and more that this is the way it was always supposed to be. We got married because it was the next step, not because we were in love. My FI and I are planning a Catholic wedding in May in the Dominican Republic, as my FI and his family are Catholic.I guess I can feel flattered that she thinks that highly of me, right? At present, I am seeing someone on a regular basis.Moral law would indicate that, apart from exceptional circumstances, the answer is no.