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Or visitors can take a trip into the city to enjoy a whole host of activities from sight-seeing to fine dining, music to museums.

2016 witnessed Bertram Allen of Valkenswaard United shave off an incredible six seconds from the time to beat and win with John Whitaker to claim the gold in front of ecstatic crowds.

The pool is completed by Moroccans Mahassine Siad and Imane Zeroual.The drawing of lots also pitted three-time World Champion Kerri Walsh Jennings and her new partner Nicole Branagh against top seeded women Brazilians Larissa Franca and Talita Antunes.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.With the death of dictator Kim Jong Il, his son has inherited a country facing an uncertain future -- one where many now dream of prosperity and Western luxury.What will the rise of Kim Jong Un mean for future relations with neighboring South Korea and countries farther afield?

It was an icy evening, with temperatures below zero, and yet there was no question that they would remove their coats before walking up to the statue of Kim Il Sung.

It was what they had been taught, as a sign of respect, and that was exactly what they did on Monday, after a news anchor, choking back the tears, had announced that the "Dear Leader" was dead.

Mothers with children, students, office workers, construction crews -- thousands climbed the wide steps up to the floodlit statue in Pyongyang, many holding white chrysanthemums in their hands.

Married to Marjorie with two sons, the couple live in a 15th-century castle in Maastricht, Holland. Growing up in Maastricht, my father was a conductor with the local symphony and earned a good salary, but he never had any money with six children.

My grandmother lived with us in the same little house so we weren’t rich.

After our first concert, a newspaper critic wrote that the girls looked like nuns all in black.