An error occurred when validating the descriptive flexfield

Value sets determine the attributes of your segments such as length, zero-fill, and right justify, alphanumeric, and value security.

Value sets also control how validation is performed.

APP-FND-00798: Invalid reference XLA_SRS_SUBLEDGERS in value set attached to segment Journal Entry Source Please check the WHERE clauses of your table validated value sets. Application Id: 7003 Short Name: JG Name: Regional Localizations Flexfield Name: $SRS$. JGSLATPDBL Compilation aborted for current descriptive flexfield...

The Desktop Integration Framework supports native Oracle Application Framework (OAF) UI widgets like Flex-fields, List Of Values, Pop-lists and Date pickers.

A: Auto Invoice uses grouping rules to group invoices, credit memos and debit memos.

Grouping rules contain various transaction attributes (columns in RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL table) that must be identical for the same transaction.

There are 2 kinds of attributes: mandatory and optional. Please see the User's Guide for a listing of all columns included in the mandatory attributes and all the columns that can be added as optional attributes. You may have defined an optional attribute that is different for two lines of the same invoice, and is, therefore, causing a second invoice to be generated.

Once started, an autonomous transaction is fully independent.

‘_KFV’ or ’_DFV’) created by apps, and use the concatenated_segments column which holds the concatenated segments of the key or descriptive flexfields.

An autonomous transaction is an independent transaction started by another transaction, the main transaction.

Autonomous transactions let you suspend the main transaction, do SQL operations, commit or roll back those operations, then resume the main transaction.

22, 2010 Update: Office 2010 (32-Bit) is now certified with the E-Business Suite; see this article for details] Oracle Web Application Desktop Integrator (Web ADI) is Oracle E-Business Suite's solution for integrating E-Business Suite applications with desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word and Projects.