Advice about dating in college

In college, however, you are often thrust into a completely new social circle, and because of this, you don’t know much about the true character of that cute guy you met in the dining hall.You don’t need to be completely paranoid, but be careful when you place your trust in others. Chances are, you and your significant other will probably tell stories about exes from time to time, and that is totally normal.Questions like, "What's the biblical model for dating? " and, "Do you believe there is one person out there for me? Yet when it comes to directing them to resources about relationships, often I'm uncomfortable recommending many of the Christian resources available.

ADVICE: Don't come off as needy, always available, and as a creeper. Instead of asking, "Hey, you want to hang out with me tomorrow night and just kick it at the quad? With pink and red decor filling the shops, jewelry commercials dominating the airwaves and delicious chocolates hitting the shelves, it is easy to see that Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day, depending on your perspective) is here. A boy and a girl who consider each other somewhat attractive wind up in a compromising situation that leads to some kind of hook-up, and the next day, feel obligated to call it a relationship.Add in the chaos of classes, extracurricular activities and interning—and finding the time to maintain a long-term relationship may seem a bit like an impossible feat.But for all you romantics out there, take heart: Having a serious relationship in college is possible.My background makes me interesting but apart from that I have no idea what to do.

again I don't want a one night stand, I just want to date her but we've just met and I just know her first name and her room number and thats it. I feel really shy to actually knock on her door so any ideas?I work with Christian college students who are in the throes of dating or of wanting to be dating.Nearly every week during the school year, I am asked questions (mostly by ladies) about the ins-and-outs of the dating process.Just to make a few things clear because I've asked this before but never really gotten a good answer -I AM NOT GAY, girls just haven't really liked me, maybe because I've come on too strong? In other words, don't ask her if she wants to hang out. Instead, be decisive and confident, because that's attractive. - It takes me a while to get used to people and at the beginning I feel really uncomfortable. For example, let's say you want to just kick it with her one night on the school quad. You know..." You should say this, "(Her name), if you're not doing anything tomorrow night, and I prefer that you're not, I want you to hang out with me so I can get to know you better." See the difference there? Also, I get that you like this girl and don't want to have sex right away, but if a girl is into you (especially an 18 year old college girl), when she's ready for sex, you better commit or give up now. They are much easier to learn in a classroom setting with specialized equipment and instruction.