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Scott, whose remains were cremated on Tuesday following a small, private funeral service in Los Angeles, left a simple will bequeathing all her jewelery, clothing, furniture, cars and other personal effects to 'Michael Phillip Jagger'.‘Some of those ashes, they will be buried near our parents here in Utah.

The New Testament is a collection of writings by early Christians, believed to be mostly Jewish disciples of Christ, written in first-century Koine Greek.

These early Christian Greek writings consist of narratives, letters, and apocalyptic writings.

Critically-injured, she had been treated following severe burning and bleeding suffered in a motorcycle crash with her boyfriend Hart (Frank Moore).

In the Keloid Clinic, she underwent a new technique performed by Dr.

With estimated total sales of over 5 billion copies, the Bible is widely considered to be the best-selling book of all time.

Medieval Latin biblia is short for biblia sacra "holy book", while biblia in Greek and Late Latin is neuter plural (gen. It gradually came to be regarded as a feminine singular noun (biblia, gen. Bruce notes that Chrysostom appears to be the first writer (in his Homilies on Matthew, delivered between 386 and 388) to use the Greek phrase ta biblia ("the books") to describe both the Old and New Testaments together.

The Churches Conservation Trust, which was initially known as the Redundant Churches Fund, is a charity whose purpose is to protect historic churches at risk, those that have been made redundant by the Church of England.

The Trust was established by the Pastoral Measure of 1968.

Two men picked up in cars were raped by women in separate incidents, police in Zimbabwe have said.

One man was held up with a gun, forced into the bush, raped and then drugged while the other was knocked out by a drink and abused while unconscious.

Nearly 2 million people visit the Trust's churches each year.