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“It’s so different now,” she said about the area where she grew up. You would look forward to things at the church and at the school because not a lot was going on there.“You had the occasional car going by, but everything is on a bigger scale now.

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When asked the secret to her longevity Mrs Ovens said: “I have lived a normal life, my parents were very ordinary folk and we had a happy home life. “I had quite a normal diet, mostly my meals were quite ordinary and homely.

We cooked for ourselves and my mother was a great cook.

“Newport has changed and is still changing every week. I honestly think the kindness is going out of life and I think that’s rather sad.

Australia is a huge country and some areas can have a lot more blokes than sheilas, or vice versa.

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I only drank on occasions, but it never bothered me.” She has no immediate family, and has lost touch with any living relatives.

Growing up in Christchurch, her parents Minnie and Albert Sparry, owned a shop on Christchurch Road where Mrs Ovens worked.

An asterisk denotes that it was the highest quarterly figure since comparable records began in April 2012.

FRIENDS of a woman who has no family have asked people to send her birthday cards for her 100th birthday.

These are the single stats: 1) Singleton, New South Wales - 180 males per 100 females 2) Burdekin / Ayr, Queensland - 171 males per 100 females 3) Mackay, Queensland - 156 males per 100 females 4) Griffith, New South Wales - 141 males per 100 females 5) Gladstone, Queensland - 141 males per 100 females 6) Wollongong, New South Wales - 140 males per 100 females 7) Lithgow, New South Wales - 139 males per 100 females 8) Bunbury, South Australia - 139 males per 100 females 9) Whyalla, South Australia - 137 males per 100 females 10) Ballina, New South wales - 136 males per 100 females Some other interesting singles statistics: Australian singles prefer to date tradies like carpenters, tilers and painters rather than professionals according to a recent survey of 950 people by au .